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How to make tara (codfish) & tofu dish for your baby – Japanese baby food cooking show

Here is part 2 of our new Japanese baby food cooking show! Following on from Kaori’s show on how to make Okayu, Akiko shows us how to cook tara (codfish) and tofu dish for 6 mth old baby. This is a wonderful dish full of protein for our growing babies, and is super simple to make. Thank you Akiko!

What you need:

  • Tara (codfish), fresh unsalted
  • Tofu, silky soft
  • Bowl and stick for grinding (called suribachi and surikogi in Japanese)
  • Small handheld sieve
  • Saucepan (the saucepan in the video is a bit too big – a smaller saucepan would be ideal for the smaller amounts to cook baby food)
  • Spoon
How to make:
  1. Boil water
  2. Cook spoonful tofu in simmering water for 1-2 minutes
  3. Cook spoonful codfish in simmering water for 2-3 minutes
  4. Grind together
  5. Add 1 spoonful water to grind into a smoother paste for 6 mth old baby
Note – this recipe makes enough for 1-2 meals. You can also cook a larger volume and refrigerate (or freeze) for later.

Japanese terms to look for at the supermarket:

  • Tara(たら)
  • Fresh unsalted(生)
  • Silky soft tofu – called “Kinu” tofu(絹、きぬ)- don’t get the hard tofu(木綿、もめん)
  • Bowl and stick for grinding is called Suribachi (すりばち)and Surikogi(すりこぎ). Suribachi is the bowl. Bachi (hachi) means bowl in Japanese. Suru (or suri) means grinding.

Happy Cooking Everyone!

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