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Earthquake Emergency Kit & Baby Disaster Prevention Hood

This week I am updating our Earthquake Emergency Kit and bought this great big silver bag and disaster prevention hood for our baby. Isn’t it cute?! Of course these items are for a serious reason, but couldn’t help thinking he looked so cute in his little cushioned hood. I don’t know how I’m going to keep it on him in an emergency though – it lasted about 2 seconds before he pulled it off!

Both were purchased from Amazon Japan website – here are the links:

Silver Earthquake Emergency Bag(called 緊急防災セット in Japanese)

Child Disaster Prevention Hood(called 防災ずきん子供用 in Japanese)

5 thoughts on “Earthquake Emergency Kit & Baby Disaster Prevention Hood

  1. Luna Carya says:

    Your son looks very cute!
    Hope you don’t mind my asking, but I’m curious. Why are disaster hood used? I may think they keep the head warm and dry. Are there any other reasons?

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Luna! The disaster hoods are used for protecting the child’s head from falling objects and debris during and after an earthquake. I first saw these in Tokyo on the day of the Tohoku earthquake on 11th March 2011 – the children from the nursery schools were wearing them outside. I even saw a little girl with her father in the convenience store about 5 hours after the earthquake, and she was still wearing her disaster hood. I thought it was so cute, and afterwards realised that it also has a very important purpose for keeping them protected.

      1. Luna Carya says:

        Hi Kate! Thanks for the reply, it was so fast too!
        So they’re sturdier than I thought, it’s great children have those hoods available.

      2. Olga says:

        Hello Kate!
        Must that be the hood not the helmet??
        And why do you need a special silver bag? Just backpack is not good enough?

        1. Kate says:

          Hi Olga, the hood is often used for children. A helmet is also fine as long as it protects the child from falling objects. And any bag is okay – the silver is more noticeable at night time as it is reflective. Hope this helps! xoxo Kate

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