Traveling with a baby, Trip to the countryside of Japan

Traveling in Japan with a baby – Our stay in Aizu-Tajima

Here is Part 3 of our trip to Aizu-Tajima during the Golden week holidays. Aizu-Tajima is a beautiful  village nestled in the mountains about a 4 hour train-ride north of Tokyo in the west of Fukushima Prefecture. It was raining while we were there so unfortunately we couldn’t go out walking or down to the river, but we had a lovely time relaxing indoors and eating delicious food made by my husband’s family!

I hope these videos give an insight into what it’s like to travel to the countryside in Japan with a baby. If you do take a trip up north, there are lots of places you could stay and enjoy amazing food, festivals and onsens. Aizu-Tajima has a famous Gion Festival (a spectacular parade of men and women dressed in kimono) in late July – highly recommend visiting when this festival is on!

Trip to the Countryside of Japan 
Part 3 – Our stay in Aizu-Tajima

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This was our baby’s first time to stay in a futon. I had been planning for our baby to sleep on top of the futon in just his pajamas and his Grobag sleep bag, but it was much colder at nighttime than what I’d expected. I thought the Grobag would be the safest option to sleep in, but in the end the cold temperature won and I put the futon duvet over the top. We didn’t have a heater in the room, so it was probably about 10-12 degrees. Very cold! But our baby didn’t seem to mind and slept soundly. Of course I kept checking on him about every 5 min! Haha.

Location of Aizu-Tajima (4 hours by train north of Tokyo)

Beautiful old Japanese houses. 
Cherry blossoms bloom here at the end of April.

Delicious local cuisine!

Baby’s first time to sleep in a futon. Loved it!

Enjoying playing on the futon while looking at the view:-)

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2 thoughts on “Traveling in Japan with a baby – Our stay in Aizu-Tajima

  1. Vivian says:

    SHaney told me about your HP! 🙂

    Congrats on the baby!

    We met ages ago at her party, housewarming, I think.

    Glad to see that you are enjoying life in Tokyo!

    Japanese tatami rooms are the best for dning out w/kids. 🙂

  2. Tokyo Urban Baby says:

    Thanks Vivian!! Great to hear from you!! That's a great idea about the tatami mats for dining out. If you have some more tips please don't hesitate to share them here on Tokyo Urban Baby:-)!

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