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LaLaport Yokohama baby nursing rooms

LaLaport Yokohama is a great shopping center to visit as a day trip out of the city. It has many of the major fashion brands, including H&M maternity wear which was just released in Japan in March 2012, and restaurants, supermarkets, and Toho cinemas. There are also lots of shops with baby clothes and toys, as well as two baby nursing rooms, so it is very convenient for those with babies in tow. As it is all indoors, I am sure it will be a popular escape from the summer heat into air-conditioned comfort!


  • Open everyday: 10:00-21:00
  • Address: 4035-1, Ikebe, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, 224-0053
  • Website in Japanese
  • Website in English
  • Closest Railway Station: Kamoi Station (JR Yokohama Line) – 40 min from Shibuya (change stations at Kikuna)
LaLaport Yokohama shopping center is located near Kamoi Station, 40min train ride from Shibuya (change trains at Kikuna)
From Kamoi Station, a 10min walk across the Tsurumi River
Looks old on the outside, but nice and new on the inside

Three floors of shops, baby rooms on 2F and 3F, restaurants on 3F, and Toho movie cinema
Baby room on 2F
Baby room on 3F
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