Nappies in Japan

How to use the Calmic nappy disposal box in Japan

I saw this new Calmic nappy disposal box for the first time the other day in the new Hikarie shopping complex in Shibuya. It was quite a surprise! Totally oblivious to any available instructions (posted very clearly mind you on the wall next to the nappy changing table), I’m sure I would have just taken off the lid and tried to dispose the nappy as usual, if it wasn’t for my Japanese friend who was with me at the time and explained the instructions to me:-) Thank you Noriko!

In case anyone else comes across one of these nifty disposal machines and doesn’t know what to do, here is a quick explanation on how to use it!


  1. Place nappy in the hole at the top
  2. Press the button on the wall

And that’s it! Haha. Too easy. 

After you press the button, the nappy will be gobbled up and compressed into an air-tight plastic bag inside of the bin.

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