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TUB 3 mth B’day! Top 10 posts!

This week marks 3 months since I started Tokyo Urban Baby, now nicknamed TUB! It has been a very exciting 3 months, not only to watch my baby grow but also to share with you all about the great places to go with a baby in Tokyo. Thank you so much to everyone for reading TUB and a big thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences as guest speakers on TUB. Here are some TUB stats for the 3 months!

All-time number page views:
Over 10,000!

Top 10 Pageviews by countries:

United States – 4,535
Japan – 4,500
Australia – 256
United Kingdom – 101
France – 98
Canada – 81
Denmark – 79
Singapore – 56
Malaysia – 52
India – 49

Top 10 Most Popular Posts:

  1. Oketani Method of Breast Massage
  2. Interview with Mothers in Tokyo
  3. Baby vaccinations in Japan
  4. Japanese video – 10 Tips for Breastfeeding
  5. Bugaboo Travel Bag demonstration
  6. 4mth checkup & BCG vaccination
  7. Interview about Pregnancy in Japan
  8. How to ask station staff for help with pram up the stairs
  9. House of Wandering Silk
  10. Having a baby in Japan – my hospital room

Looking forward to continuing to explore Tokyo with you all and providing the latest info on pregnancy and having a baby in Japan!

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