Interview about breastfeeding in Japan
Breastfeeding in Japan, Interview with mothers in Tokyo

Interview about breastfeeding in Japan

Special interview today with two new mums about their breastfeeding experience in Japan and advice for expecting mums.

Thank you so much Anna and Rachel for sharing your experience!

Anna and Rachel with their babies in Shibuya
Thank you Rachel for holding my baby & rocking him to sleep so I could film (^^)!

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2 thoughts on “Interview about breastfeeding in Japan

  1. rs says:

    Hi Kate, Thanks for the video explaining about breastfeeding in Japan. I am a new mom ( 5 weeks PP) and looking for some info. In the video, Rachel mentioned that there are women who could come to your house to continue to teach you about breastfeeding. Do you know how do I contact those women? Are they volunteers working to helping the new moms? I stay in kanagawa area and would like to have more info as I am looking for help.

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