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Shinjuku Baby Rooms

Shinjuku I think is THE busiest station in Tokyo. Crowds of people, lots of trains, and lots of department stores. I usually try to avoid going to Shinjuku due to the masses of people and the maze of roads and shops – I always seem to get lost! But sometimes it is fun to go somewhere different, and many of the buildings in Shinjuku have some fantastic views of the city that are well worth taking a look at! 
Today I show you baby nursing rooms in 4 department stores in Shinjuku – Takashimaya, Marui Flagship store, Isetan, and Mitsukoshi. My favourite? Takashimaya!! 

Takashimaya (9F):
– 8 x change tables
– 5 x nursing rooms, all equipped with chairs and tables
– 2 x sinks
– Baby scales
– Nappy bins
– Nappy vending machine
– Drink vending machine
– Phone to call for boiled natural water for formula bottles
– My Rating – 8/10 (big, bright, and all the amenities)
Takashimaya (14F):
– 2 x change tables
– 2 x nursing rooms
– 2 x sinks
– Hot water
– Child seat
– My Rating – 5/10 (very nice and modern – felt like being in a hotel suite:))
Marui Flagship (6F):
– 1 x private nursing room with locked door
– No rating yet as was occupied
Isetan (6F):
– 6 x change tables
– 2 x communal style nursing rooms
– About 10 bench seats for resting or feeding toddlers. Packed with mums and kids. 
– My Rating 5/10 (big, but old and too busy. Also the change tables were at the back of the room so was difficult to access as had to squeeze past all the mums and their prams).
Mitsukoshi Alcott (2F):
– 3 x change tables
– 1 x communal nursing room with 2 bench seats and sink
– Vending machine
– My Rating 4/10 (old and lonely….)
Takashimaya 9F baby room

Takashimaya 14F baby room

Marui Flagship store 6F baby room

Isetan 6F baby room

Mitsukoshi 2F baby room

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2 thoughts on “Shinjuku Baby Rooms

  1. Cyndy says:

    hi there!!!thank you for all the info trip to japan posted here!!great info!!
    anyway,i am leaving for tokyo next month and wondering if i happen to go nursing or babys room,can i bring along my husband inside the room to give me a hand??thank you

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Cyndy, Thanks for your message!

      Most baby nursing rooms have a separate area for changing nappy and making formula etc, and another separate nursing area for breastfeeding. The father can go into the main area and help with changing nappies etc, however he will not be allowed into the private nursing area as the cubicles are often separated by only curtains.

      For example:
      – the new baby room at Ebisu Mitsukoshi department store –恵比寿三越のこどもパー.html

      If the nursing room is designed for single use (one private room with a locked door), then fathers of course can go in with you and help change nappy and sit with you while you feed your baby.

      For example:
      – the private baby room on the B1 Floor of Tokyo Midtown (last photo at bottom) –
      – the private baby room on the B1 Floor of Omotesando Hills –
      – the private baby room on the 4th Floor of PARCO (Parco Part 3) in Shibuya

      The only baby room that comes to mind that doesn’t allow fathers in (only women with babies) was the one on 3F of Dixsept shopping center in Daikanyama, as the nappy change tables and chairs for breastfeeding were in one room with only a curtain available that can be pulled across as a partition:

      If you need somewhere for quick emergency nappy changes, there are also LOTS of wheelchair-access toilets in Tokyo which have nappy change tables and baby seats – perfect for some team work with both mum and dad!

      Hope you have a great time in Tokyo with your baby!!

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