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Narita Airport baby nursing rooms

Narita Airport has lots of baby nursing rooms, making travel much more comfortable and easier for those with babies. A list of the nursing rooms can be found on the Narita Airport website. I was particularly impressed with the convenient nursing room located just when I got off the plane on arrival back in Japan. After a long international flight and being on my own with baby, I really appreciated being able to go into this clean nursing room, change my baby’s nappy, and get organised before going through immigration.

This video shows two nursing rooms in Terminal 2:

1. Nursing room located in the departures area after passport control (my rating – 5/10)
– 4 x nursing booths with change tables:
– sink with hot water
– bench seat for resting

2. Nursing room located in the arrivals walkway, just after getting off the plane (before immigration) (my rating 3/10):
– 1 x baby cot
– 1 x baby change table
– 1 x bench seat for resting/nursing
– sink with hot water

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8 thoughts on “Narita Airport baby nursing rooms

  1. Vangie Ng says:

    I’ll be traveling to Tokyo without my baby but will be brining along my breastpump instead. Would the nursing rooms be equipped with outlets/private areas where I can pump my milk?

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Vangie, Yes the nursing rooms generally have private areas/cubicles for nursing or pumping. Sometimes they are communal, where all the mothers sit in one room and feed their babies, but most nursing rooms usually have separate cubicles or booths where each mother can feed her baby or pump in privacy. Some nursing rooms only have curtains, while others have locked doors for extra privacy. This is written on each post on Tokyo Urban Baby, so hopefully this will help when you are searching for a nursing room in your area. Hope you have a great trip to Tokyo!

  2. Jane says:

    Hi – I am traveling to Tokyo on business without my baby so I will be pumping instead. Will Narita security allow you to bring breast milk in quantities greater than 100 ml as carry-on? Everything I have read is that it is only if you are traveling with a baby or infant. I’m afraid all my breast milk will get confiscated at security because I won’t have a baby with me.

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Jane, I asked other mums and here are their comments: “One of my friends had “ready to feed” formula with her and without her baby. She was not allowed to bring them in. They were not a bottle of breast milk, so not the same, but….from the airport security point of view, it is hard to tell which one is breast milk which one is not….I won’t be surprised if they say no to bring breast milk in.” And another mother commented “Sadly i am pretty sure it would not be allowed. You would have to have the infant with you.” Another question is how to keep your breast milk frozen during transport. Overall, I think it will be difficult to do unfortunately. Hope you can still have a good business trip in Tokyo and be reunited with your baby soon!

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi! I’m traveling with my baby out of Tokyo. Do you have an idea if the airport has hot water for formula milk available in the nurseries?
    Thank you!

    1. Kate says:

      HI Sarah! Thanks for your message. The nurseries that I went to at the airport had hot water. If you can’t find it, ask at the information counter and they should be able to help you. All the best with your trip! Kate xx

  4. Jordana Matsuda says:

    Hi Kate,
    A narita related question, I’m travelling solo with my baby and I’m taking my stroller. Do you by any chance know if I have to fold up the stroller for the security check or can I walk through with it? With possible queues, I want to be prepared so I’m not taking ages to get through!!! Thank you!

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Jordana! Yes I have always had to fold up my stroller when going through security check at Narita. I literally had to fold the stroller up and put it on the conveyer belt so that it could be scanned. It is a pain as you have to take all your bags out from underneath the stroller and have all those scanned too, so it can take some time! All the best! Kate xx

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