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10 Essential Items for Flying with Baby

1. Nappies
Take double the number you would normally use for the same period of time. My baby tended to poo more often while traveling, so I was glad I took extra nappies! It is also good to change the nappy frequently so baby feels fresh and dry.

2. Wipes
Essential for nappy changes. You can also use tissues as backup which are usually available in the plane toilet.

3. Change mat
It’s good to take a few disposable change mats as well for pooy nappies, so you can dispose of it easily after use.

4. Nursing cover
Useful not only for privacy while breastfeeding at the airport and on the plane, but also handy to block out the people and noise so your baby can focus on feeding. If you are bottle feeding then bottles and formula would also be an essential.

5. Muslin wraps/blanket
Handy for swaddling baby and for warmth as can get quite cold on the plane. Muslin wraps can also be used as a burp cloth, cuddly, and a blanket for playtime on the floor in the airport lounge.

6. Spare change of clothes
For both you and baby in case of accidents (ie. baby vomit or baby poo).

7. Gauze face washer
For washing baby’s face with warm water. Trust me – they will love it! So refreshing on a long international flight.

8. Moisturiser
Take your favourite baby moisturiser to keep baby’s (and yours!) skin fresh and hydrated.

9. Baby carrier
An Ergo, Baby Bjorn, or something similar is very convenient not only in the airport so your hands are free to organise your passports and luggage etc, but also on the plane as it provides an environment where your baby can relax and sleep if he/she is used to it. Alternatively take a small fold-up pram that you can use in the airport up to the gate and take on the plane as carry-on luggage.

10. Toys
Take something soft and cuddly for your baby. I took my baby’s favourite teddy (a soft rabbit) on the flight and he LOVED being reunited with him. It was so cute to see his joy at seeing his familiar teddy again.

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