Nursing Rooms reviews, Oimachi area

Oimachi baby rooms

There are two locations with nursing rooms at Oimachi Station – Ito Yokado supermarket and Atre department store. Ito Yokado’s baby room is really big, but very old fashioned and has a lonely atmosphere, whereas in contrast the Atre baby room is more modern and popular with mums and their babies, even though it is quite tiny.

People will often pass through Oimachi Station if they are going on the Keihin Tohoku Line or the Rinkai Line. Atre is the main department store at Oimachi Station – it has Uniqlo, Muji, Gap, and other Japanese fashion brands. If you find you are at Oimachi and you need a baby changing/nursing room, I recommend visiting Atre!

Ito Yokado Oimachi baby rooms:
– 6 change tables (cots)
– 1 nursing room with bench seat
– Scales for weighing baby (and ruler for measuring height)
– Hot water
– Sink
Atre Oimachi baby room:
– 3 change tables
– 1 nursing room with locked door
– Vending machine
– Sink

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