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Akachan Honpo, Kawasaki Lazona

Yesterday I went to Akachan Honpo at Lazona shopping plaza in Kawasaki (just next to Kawasaki Station), and thought I’d take some photos and videos to show you. Many mums and mums-to-be ask where they can buy maternity and baby products in Japan, and one of the major stores that is recommended is Akachan Honpo. It doesn’t have everything that we can buy overseas, but it has the basics such as baby baths and nappies, as well as a large selection of prams and car seats etc. 
Below are some photos, but to see the full range of visuals click on the movie link below (I couldn’t take many movies as it was packed with people yesterday, but I tried to take lots of photos to give you an idea of what they have in-store:)).

Lazona also has a baby room on the 2nd Floor:
– 5 x baby change tables
– 1 x large and 2 x private nursing rooms
– All purpose toilet
– Baby scales
– Sink
– Hot water
– Vending machine
My rating of the baby room – 3/10 (nursing rooms are large but the entrance is small and crowded, and overall could do with a new paint and re-decorating!).
For other Akachan Honpo stores in Japan, see their website (in Japanese) – Akachan Honpo website.

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