What baby wears in winter in Japan
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Tokyo winter – what our baby wears for sleeping

One of the big questions I had when our baby was born was what to dress him in to keep him warm. To give you an idea, I’ve made a video of what our baby wears for sleeping in his hammock at nighttime in winter in Tokyo.
Another point about winter in Tokyo is that it becomes very dry. We were initially using an air conditioner to heat our room, but our baby’s skin was really suffering from the dryness and had developed a rash around his eyes and mouth. We now have an oil heater which has been fabulous and our baby’s skin has cleared right up. We have the oil heater set at 24 degrees celcius, but the actual temperature in the room at nighttime is 18 degrees celcius.

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo winter – what our baby wears for sleeping

  1. jessie law says:

    how to order Door clamp love handle and door stopper..
    im from malaysia..where can i get if at malaysia.?

    or can shipping to malaysia ?
    kindly waiting your reply.

    thanks you

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Jessie, thanks for your message. There are a few online shops in New Zealand and Australia that sell the Miyo hammock and accessories, and that offer international shipping. I think this would be the best way. Here is an example: http://www.babystuff.co.nz/shop/Brands/Miyo/Miyo+Travel+Adapter.html
      All the best, Kate

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