Daikanyama area, Nursing Rooms reviews

Daikanyama T-site baby nursing rooms

Clean and cute little baby nursing rooms at Daikanyama T-site – one in Tsutaya behind Starbucks, and another in the Bornelund toy store.

My rating:
– 4/10 for the Tsutaya nursing room (it is clean and modern, but a bit too small – I prefer to take my pram into the room with me. Also could do with two nursing rooms rather than just one)
– 2/10 for the Bornelund Milk Bar (it is tiny and doesn’t have a change table, but is super cute and so nice of the store owner to include it inside the store for customers)
Address: 17-5 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo
Opening hours: 1st Floor is open 7am-2am, and 2nd Floor is open 9am-2am
Daikanyama T-site website

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