BCG (Tuberculosis) Vaccination in Japan – my baby’s scar

Many parents worry in Japan about whether or not to give their baby the BCG (Tuberculosis) vaccination. One of the reasons is that it can leave a 9-hole scar on your baby’s forearm, which of course everyone would like to avoid! We personally decided to go ahead with the vaccination, as we are living in Japan long-term and chose to follow the Japanese vaccination schedule for our baby. So, just to give you an idea, here is a video and some photos to show our baby’s BCG scar after nearly 1.5 years. Every baby tends to scar differently though, so this is just one example.




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6 thoughts on “BCG (Tuberculosis) Vaccination in Japan – my baby’s scar

    • Hi Amina, I just used baby moisturizer once a day after his bath. I’m not sure if this helped, but I think it at least kept the area on his arm soft and moisturized:)

      • Hi.Love your blog I live in Japan and my baby had his BCG vacvine today.the horror…the doctor pushed realy hard the stamp in his skin ..I was feeling her power while she was stamping him.Do you know if it is normal?I hope she didn’t do it too deep to apear any infection.

  1. Great set of photos. Thanks! I will have a read of the rest of your blog.

    Our little boy had his BCG 2.5 months ago and it has started to look very red so seeing the same thing in your little one is reassuring.

  2. Thanks for all your articles.This is my first reference as we are in Japan . Eventhough I am in Nagoya, your blogs helped me every time when I have doubts on baby products, vaccinations and so on. Keep on sharing!

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